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Responsive to changing technology and compliance needs of the chemical, pharmaceutical and energy (oil and gas, fossil and nuclear) industries.
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Our attention to detail and commitment to quality ensures sustainable solid risk managed solutions for the future.

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Our Senior Consultants train and coach you into a solid performance based risk managed asset integrity program TEAM.

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Our engineering personnel and consultants have thousands of years experience supporting industry requirements and developing RAGAGEP.

Augustus Engineering and Consulting Support

We give back to industry by actively contributing via public and private —
seminars, webinars, and in industry events and standards writing.
Our Engineers and Consultants are highly published.

About Augustus

The Augustus Group, LLC (​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Augustus) is based in the Gulf Coast – Houston area and provides world-wide products, projects, and engineering services. We have personnel spread all over the United States and Canada. The company has been in business since early 2004; and has serviced various industry sectors, including government….


Products, Projects and Engineering Services Our goal is to deliver truly differentiated products and services. With our focus on business risk, in it’s broadest sense, The Augustus Group is well positioned to support our clients’ evoloving integrity management needs. Whether it be risk based inspection services, failure risk analysis or…

We Provide Incredible Support

The Augustus Group, LLC (AUGUSTUS) has been in business for over ten years assisting our clients ensure the Mechanical Integrity (MI) of equipment.  Our engineering specialists in risk management, bolting and flange integrity, welding, non-destructive inspection, and materials technology have hundreds of years collective experience. We focus on the solution…

Webinars, Seminars, Workshops - Public and Private


We provide creative solutions that get results for our clients world-wide.

Augustus conducts public events for Engineering, Maintenance, Inspection, and Operations.  

We conduct in-house seminars on any of the topics we cover and routinely do public and in-house lunch and learns.  If you have suggestions about topics you would like our company experts to cover please send them via “Contact TAB”.  Continuous Improvement​ is Everyone’s Opportunity (more…)

World Class Webinars and Seminars

Contributions to industry

Publications and presentations

Here will be found reference links to papers our personnel have published in various media; and or presentation material we can make public from this site.


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