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Mechanical Integrity Compliance; OSHA 1910.119 (subparagraph j)

OSHA published the draft rule on Mechanical Integrity in 1993.  At that time, while the CMA Task Group and others, including TAG consultants worked with OSHA to negotiate the wording of the rules, the Chemical Manufacturing Association (CMA)'s technical working group was working hard to provide industry the tools to understand what was intended by what has become a performance based regulation.  We write down what we are going to do to meet the regulations, then we are audited against what we said we were going to do.

TAG principal consultants worked closely with the CMA working group to develop a document that has had ​​profound and reaching impact for industry - "The Chemical Manufacturer's Associaton's Mechanical Integrity Supplement".

As Mechanical Integrity was introduced to the industry as a legal requirement in 1993; The Augustus Group's Ed Merrick, was working as a contributing author and the lead consultant/coordinator for development of the Mechanical Integrity Supplement (MIS) to the Chemical Manufacturer's Association's (CMA) Maintenance Excellence Guide. 

This document was used initially as the foundation upon which CMA's MI Work Group of the Inspection and Maintenance Task Group trained over 300 of CMA's member companies on how to begin to implement the newly OSHA promulgated mechanical integrity rule.  This document was recognized by CMA as the most successful effort that group embarked upon.  The document to this day can be found on many companies shelves and is used as the cornerstone for many programs.

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