Mechanical Integrity Seminar for PSM Compliance

Plant aging, recent events and OSHA modernization efforts call for attention to Mechanical Integrity.
Regulatory requirements can be a challenge for smaller to medium sized facilities that may require Ml Programs in the future. This unique Seminar provides the manager/responsible engineer the background needed to implement a practical Ml program. The seminar will cover all aspects of Mechanical Integrity important to the end user including such unique topics as procedure management systems, what constitutes and acceptable maintenance work instruction and how to best manage your inspection contractor.

This seminar is going to be one that will be truly useful to the end user.

With speakers with expertise in planning, management, metallurgy and corrosion, maintenance, and procedure/systems this is going to be an entertaining experience. You will learn where to go to find the resources needed to address inspection and maintenance planning. You will leave armed with the details needed to establish a program from the ground up (if you do not have one already); and if you already have a program we guarantee you will have the tools needed to provide significant enhancements to your existing program. Finally we will address the potential impact of the OSHA modernization efforts.

Following is an overview of some of the topics to be addressed:

  • Application, in other words what equipment and processes are required to be covered
  • Written Procedures, the different types and when to use which kinds
  • Training, what constitutes acceptable training
  • Controlling Equipment Materials and Supplies, from procurement through installation
  • Inspection and Testing and Maintenance, how to set up and manage a program
  • Equipment Deficiencies, what is one how are they typically dispositioned what constitutes acceptable documentation of resolution, when do you have a problem out of control
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Risk Based Inspection, what role does it play in compliance activities; what the new requirements for a Management System means to you