Avoid Unexpected Failures & Unnecessary Expenses with Asset Integration Management Services

The selection, inspection, maintenance, renewal, and management of physical assets play a crucial role in determining the operational performance, safety, and profitability of an organization. Deterioration processes, such as fatigue cracks and corrosions are always present to some degree in Oil & Gas plant. The challenge is to ensure the integrity of the engineered systems, such as structures, pressure vessels, and piping and process systems are maintained optimally throughout the anticipated service life of the asset.

In plants where equipment remains unnoticed, undocumented or are poorly maintained, engineers are often faced with constant firefighting, questionable asset management strategy decisions, recurring equipment failure, unplanned shutdowns, deferred production environmental health, and safety-related incidents, which lead to severe financial and safety consequences. To ensure a productive, profitable, safe and reliable plant, you must comply with the legal requirements and consider risk management and asset integrity services.

As it’s usually not feasible for companies to run this program on their own, they often consider hiring a professional in this area with a team of experienced engineers that specializes in risk management and asset integrity services in the Oil & Gas Industry. They provide you with a central information source, accurate information, and data history, and help you constantly make reliable decisions regarding asset maintenance strategies.

Choose the Augustus Group for Risk Management & Asset Integrity Services

The Augustus Group is your most reliable source for risk management and asset integrity services. We have well-established maintenance plans to determine the reliability of assets and thought-through strategies to continuously improve cost-effectively. We ensure the test and inspection plans are properly executed and corrective actions are implemented to increase operational value and the longevity of your assets. By following a structured approach, we can help you prevent catastrophic incidents, so you can save big and ensure efficiency in your operations.