Augustus works with 360Factors to provide Operational Risk Services aimed at enhancing profitability and compliance management along with the coaching to integrate such into your companys’ daily way of doing business.

We offer their software Predict360 described in the webinar below as a flexible comprehensive manner to help our customers; integration with your existing program including risk based inspection (RBI) software, production availability management (PAM) software and your computerized maintenance management system CMMS in use is available.

We are not in the business of trying to change the way you are doing business but to make it better.

Compliance Management and Asset Integrity

Get back to the basics, our job is to help you comply with OSHA & EPA Regulations.

Our Engineers work with you directly to solve specific problems.  We provide guidelines, policies, procedures, coaching and training to assist you with your process safety management program development and asset preservation.  We assist you to align your program with Changes in your Operating Plan as well as Regulations Modernization.

We provide Risk Based Inspection Program implementation and improvements using al​​​l modern software packages with our custom Share Point Solutions.  Click here for more information on our RBI work.

Risk Management and Roadmap for Manufacturing Excellence​

Improve your business or project performance by using a Risk Management Plan aligned with your companys’ business objectives to counter potential hazards to personnel, the environment, your assets and your business.  Maximize the safety of your workplace and let us coach your management and train your staff.

With our relationship with Reliability Optima, we are able to provide you access to “The RoadMap For Manufacturing Excellence”  With that tool we can drive an integrated approach designed to improve all manufacturing results – including safety, environmental, quality, cost, production, customer service, return on capital investment, and asset preservation.

Who We Are

The Augustus Group, LLC, offers assistance in fortifying your business by aligning your process safety management and business goals. We aid heavy and light industries dealing with products, projects, and services related to engineering and anything mechanical. Each risk management or reliability improvement program is molded by our core principles:

  • Enhance working conditions by enforcing safe operations and environment protection
  • To boost business horizon and revenue

With more than 10 years in business and hundreds of years of collective engineering experience, we are able to render our expertise by providing appropriate solutions at reasonable costs.