​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Augustus, based in the Gulf Coast – Houston area assists industry with products, projects, and engineering services.  Focused on the solution and not the problem, our Consulting Engineers have significant engineering experience in state-of-the-art solutions to difficult Materials Technology related problems. 

While specializing in three specific areas – Risk Based Inspection, Flange Management/Bolting Integrity and Technical Writing, we can provide the following  services with our network of consulting engineers:

  • Risk Management Consulting and Coaching
  • Risk-Based Inspection Programs (API RP 580/581)
  • PSM and MI Management Systems, Procedures, and Quality Assurance/Control
  • Fixed Equipment, Piping, Rotating Equipment, Relief Valve Integrity Management
  • Atmospheric Storage Tank and Pipe-Line Integrity Management
  • Design Basis and Suitability for Service Analysis of Pressure Equipment
  • Metallurgy, Corrosion Engineering & Fitness for Service (API RP 579/ASME FFS-1)
  • Incident Investigation & Insurance/Litigation Support
  • Audits, Seminars, Training, and Coaching
  • QA/QC of New Construction, Materials and Equipment
  • CAPA and Non-conformance Resolution

We pull it all together with Training and Management Coaching to facilitate smooth implementation of Operational Risk Management.  When needed such as for RBI program implementation we work with the software of  YOUR CHOICE.

Whether you are questioning the efficiency of your current program, responding to an audit, or think your staff needs some training give us a call at 281-537-6860.  We can quickly respond to your needs.