​​​​​​​​​Augustus Provides Independent Consulting and Quality Control Services

We provide the services you need for the confidence you can startup without leaks.  We do not sell tools or software nor do we provide flange makeup or leak correction services.

​​​We can provide personnel and trained inspectors certified to our ASNT SNT-TC-1A program for QC oversight of in-house and contract assembly personnel. And we add value by focusing our efforts using Risk Based Principles to identify critical applications and recommendations and assistance with software such as Asset 55s IQ package for management of programs if desired..

Ask about our lunch and learns or in-house workshops on Effective Flange Joint Assembly??


Our Work is Reviewed in a Recent Presentation on REGULATORY EVOLUTION IN BOLTING INTEGRITY AND LEAK MANAGEMENT IN Nuclear, Refining, Chemicals and Pipelines both ON an Offshore​  by NRC, OSHA/EPA, and BSEE:

Carbon Steel 3.5″ diameter corroded to 1″ in reactor coolant pump flange in less than a year, circa 1980’s.  Root cause of problem was attributed to purchasing making ill-informed decisions about the material choice and flange assembly.


The You​Tube Video below provides an executive summary on how we Successfully Managed Turnaround Quality Control of Flange Assembly at a Mid-West Refinery saving over $14,000,000; provides and overview of how money was saved.

Click here to access some presentation material on the same project and here is the FULL 2007 Webinar providing details.

Click he​re​ to review our June 23, 2016 Public Webinar ​ Covering Work with ASSET55.

And below is our July 14, 2016 Public Webinar on Heat Exchanger Flange Leak Risk Management.

​Asset55 has developed state of the art flange management software that is used to enable personnel to develop procedures that work; and to track flange status through completion and quality.  The software is truly unique in that in addition to factoring in the many variables influencing the ability to create a tight joint the user is able to consider tool variability and capability to choose the right set of tools for the task at hand.

Procedures are tracked to completion using the software to create a managed return to service following a Turnaround or Initial Startup of a Unit or Plant.

Review a video by Duncan Brown and learn more about Asset55’s unique Flange Management iQtm Software.​ ​​

If you like what you see above contact us to obtain access to a demonstration version of the Flange Management iQtm Software.