Augustus conducts public events for Engineering, Maintenance, Inspection, and Operations.  

and will collaborate with our clients as sponsors. We conduct in-house seminars on any of the topics we cover and routinely do public and in-house lunch and learns.  If you have suggestions about topics you would like our company experts to cover please send them via “Contact TAB”.  Continuous Improvement​ is Everyone’s Opportunity



In the Refining and Chemical Mechanical Integrity Best Practices Series webinars, Industry experts delve into hot topics challenging industry today providing insights and practical guidance. Each of these free webinars feature a live Q&A session and lasts 60 minutes

Mechanical Integrity

It has been stated that mechanical integrity is the most complex and difficult part of the process safety management rule OSHA 1910.119(j).  That statement, initially articulated circa 1992 has proved itself to be true, it has required a massive industry effort to provide the insight and governance in the form of RAGAGEP (e.g. ASME and API codes and standards} needed to provide industry personnel the tools and understanding of the fundamentals behind Asset Integrity.  Lessons learned in the Nuclear Power, Aviation, and Defense sectors have been realized now in refining and chemical plant design, construction, operations and maintenance.  The Mechanical Integrity Webinar and Seminar Series provides employees and managers world wide with the tools needed to attain compliance to regulations, along with safe and profitable operations.

  1. Webinar – Overview of the Regulation and Anticipated Future Changes
  2. Webinar – Detail Review of Application and How to Decide if Equipment should be covered or excluded from the Program
  3. Webinar – Policies, Procedures, and Management Systems are a Key to the Success of any MI Program including insuring alignment of daily actions with the company business case.
  4. Webinar – Training and Qualification Requirements are reviewed.
  5. Webinar – How to Handle Deficiencies and Quality Assurance/Quality Control
  6. Webinar – Management of Corrosion Under Insulation Issues
  7. Seminar – This series is concluded by a three day Seminar that pulls it all together.
    • A key takeaway from the Seminar will be a gap analysis of your facilities current program with a view to helping you improve and make it better; and in compliance with the regulation.
    • We will demonstrate several software solutions available and ensure the attendees have a firm grasp on RAGAGEP.

Risk Management 

Here we provide a snapshot of the use and application of risk based tools and the fundamental principals behind their use and application.  A glimpse into the use of such tools to normalize human behavior and align with the company business case is provided.

  1. Webinar – Practical Use of Risk Management Principles for Every Day Decision Alignment with the Business Case
  2. Webinar – Key Issues Surrounding RBI and Should My Company Implement a Risk Based Inspection Program
  3. Webinar – Risk Based Reliability Management
  4. Webinar – API 510 and Options for External in-lieu-of Internal Pressure Vessel Inspections
  5. Seminar – Risk Management and Integration of Risk Based Reliability Management and Risk Based Inspection

Management Systems

This series focuses on providing key insights for management personnel needing to insure adequacy of management systems at their plant.  Leak Management, Bolting, and RBI are Used Examples to Frame the Problem/Solution proposition.

  1. Webinar – Review of the Fundamental Root Cause of MI Problems, Business Impact of the Human Ego
  2. Webinar – Managing for Leak Free Startup
  3. Webinar – Review of Bolting Manufacturing and Recent Changes to API Standards Covering Bolting Quality Control and Materials Issues
  4. Webinar – Contractor and Supplier Management, including Flange Management and QA/QC of Small Products.
  5. Seminar – Flange Management – Quality Control  Training for Inspectors, Inspectors with a desire to participate in growing quality control efforts in heavy industry will want to attend this seminar to become certified in Augustus’ Course on Flange Assembly and Leak Free Startup.

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