Effective engagement of personnel at all levels can only be achieved when:

  1. Personnel clearly understand their role and responsibilities
  2. Are trained and qualified in accordance with RAGAGEP to effectively implement the procedures and policies that ensure compliance to regulations the company has committed to for ensuring safe and environmentally sound operations.
  3. And are educated in the business case of the company and have ready access to the tools needed to align every day actions with the company business objectives.

The result of such engagement will be improved profitability and safe operations.

This webinar will provide an introduction to the fundamental principles of how we align business objectives with reliability management in a refinery or chemical plant, by example.  You will walk away with a valuable perspective on what is the new maintenance paradigm…………………………………..a step beyond traditional condition and reliability based maintenance and inspection; program implementation.

We provide by example an understanding of the fundamental principles of risk management and personality dynamics how to achieve remarkable benefits, with or without extensive big data we obtain improvement in profitability and safety.

Rajiv Tewary, with over 40 years experience will give you a unique perspective on how to optimize your asset management and reliability program using risk based procedures.

The Webinar will be moderated by Ed Merrick, PE of the Augustus Group.