to both reduce costs and increase production.  The statistical production models include not only equipment, but also operational logic such as spares, tankage, and operational workarounds.  Together with both planned maintenance and historical unplanned corrective maintenance (downtime & cost), the model will, among other things, let you know:

  • ​Which equipment is really critical and which isn’t (objectively calculated as criticality is not always what it first seems).
  • Which maintenance activities can be pushed back, and which need to be move forward.
  • Possible maintenance programs which need to be initiated and how much money they would save.
  • Whether more or less frequent maintenance is optimal.
  • How to reduce warehousing and inventory costs  through optimization of spares.
  • Possible physical modifications needed to increase reliability – such as a spare pump would bring you hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in increased production.

If you would like to review details of a case history, Click Here, the attached a paper appeared in the August/September 2016 issue of Uptime Magazine.  ​

And you can view a recent webinar on the topic below.  ENJOY!!!