Augustus through “Line of Sight Focus” enhances employee involvement to solve problems & save your
company money. Join us as we delve into Risk Based Management of: such issues as Leaks and Flange
Integrity, Corrosion Under Insulation, Fitness for Service Analysis, and Brittle Fracture Potential

Learn about modern approaches to solving problems by focusing on the solution:
Webinar – Managing for Leak Free Startup & Review of Bolting Issues
• Learn about how others have been successful at Leak Free Startup
• Get an overview of recent developments in flange design and risk management
• Review some past lessons learned from Failures of Bolting and Flanges
• Review Asset55’s iQ Software for Leak Management and Participate in your own TEST DRIVE


• Practical Use of Risk Management Principals for Decision Making
• Key Issues Surrounding RBI and Answer the Question Should My Company do RBI
• Managing Corrosion Under Insulation
• Ml for PSM and 360Factors Unique Compliance Management Solution