Following are links to some of the materials used in past webinars for your use and information.

  • 2/19, 7/16 11am CST, Improving your Turnaround Performance by Managing for Leak Free Startup – DOWNLOAD WEBINAR MATERIAL
  • See U-Tube Video on Success Story on Flange Management Success Story – CLICK HERE
  • 2/26 11AM CST, Use Risk Based Inspection Tools for Optimizing Performance – DOWNLOAD WEBINAR MATERIAL
  • 3/5 11am CST, Managing Your On-Stream Inspection Program and External Versus Internal Inspections – DOWNLOAD WEBINAR MATERIAL
  • 3/12 11am CST, Managing Corrosion Under Insulation – DOWNLOAD WEBINAR MATERIAL
  • 6/23/16 11am CST, ​Managing for Leak Free Startup & Review of Bolting Issues – CLICK HERE to Replay Video